History of the Bertrand Road Suspension Bridge

This is listed on the WWW as “One of the most spectacular bridges in the world” and  is well worth a visit and the book well worth buying.


This recently published book gives much of the history and events that have happened to this bridge since it was first erected across the notorious Waitara River, North Taranaki in 1897. The very first bridge was suspended on 396 ordinary fence wires on each side and this served the districts of Tikorangi and Huirangi well. It was rebuilt in 1927. At that stage the fence wires were retrieved by the local farmers (remember this was during the Depression) and re-used as fencing wire on their farms.


Time and general use caused the bridge to deteriorate to such an extent that the local council decided it was unsafe and closed the bridge to all traffic in 1985.


Read the story of how the local residents raised a large sum of money and got the bridge rebuilt to its original design and-re-opened to traffic 21 years later.

Well illustrated with colour photos throughout this little book retails at $9.99

NOTE: Books can be collected from the author in person at 83 Bertrand Road West at no extra charge (I.e. without postage) – please ring 027 279 0121 in advance of calling in.