We have the history of the district documented in the 125th Jubilee book. A decision has been made to include a reprint of this in a new publication.  We will build on some of the stories that are there and collect some from more recent generations. What were your childhood dreams? Did your Huirangi childhood influence your adult accomplishments? Where has life taken you since your Huirangi days?


Huirangi was a battlefield in the 1800s and while this is part of our history a number of residents & ex-residents have had their own battles in life and I thought it could be a unifying theme to ask people to share some of the battles they have had to face in life; for some it is a personal struggle against illness or accident, maybe a physical/mental struggle to cope with a work problem or a battle to achieve a particular goal;  Some aspects of these situations could be very personal and I do not want to pressure anyone into sharing stories you do not want to make public but sharing some insights you have gained in the ‘battles’ you have faced would give Huirangi a story of courage and resilience – give us a positive outlook in the face of adversities people and the country at large have to face.


Some have achieved great accomplishments; others have been dealt some harsh blows but it would be great to hear of them all.

This will be a collection of stories telling the rest of us where you are, how you got there, what life is like for you today.


If you require any help to do that or would like me to interview you and write it up for you please let me know.


This will be published for the Jubilee in March 2023